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Best Linear Switches: A Comprehensive Guide

Linear switches are a crucial component in mechanical keyboards, providing a smooth and consistent keystroke experience. Choosing the best linear switches can significantly impact your typing or gaming performance. In this article, we will delve into the world of linear switches, exploring the top options available in the market.

Understanding Linear Switches

Linear switches are a type of mechanical switch that offers a straight up-and-down keystroke without any tactile bump or audible click. They are favored by gamers and typists who prefer a smooth and quiet typing experience. Here are some key characteristics of linear switches:

– Smooth Keystrokes: Linear switches provide a consistent keystroke from top to bottom, making them ideal for rapid key presses.
– Quiet Operation: Unlike tactile or clicky switches, linear switches operate silently, making them suitable for shared workspaces.
– Actuation Force: Linear switches require a consistent force to actuate the key, resulting in a predictable typing experience.

Top Linear Switches in the Market

1. Cherry MX Red: Known for its smooth keystrokes and light actuation force, Cherry MX Red is a popular choice among gamers.
2. Gateron Red: Gateron Red switches offer a similar experience to Cherry MX Red but at a more affordable price point.
3. Kailh Red: Kailh Red switches provide a linear typing experience with a slightly heavier actuation force compared to Cherry MX Red.
4. Razer Linear Optical Switch: Razer’s Linear Optical Switches utilize light-based actuation for ultra-fast response times.
5. SteelSeries QX2: SteelSeries QX2 switches offer a linear and quiet typing experience, perfect for both gaming and typing tasks.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Linear Switches

When selecting the best linear switches for your keyboard, consider the following factors:

– Actuation Force: Determine the amount of force required to actuate the key based on your typing preferences.
– Key Travel Distance: Choose a switch with an optimal key travel distance that suits your typing style.
– Durability: Look for switches with a high lifespan rating to ensure long-lasting performance.
– Noise Level: Consider the noise level of the switches, especially if you work in a quiet environment.

FAQs About Best Linear Switches

1. What are the benefits of using linear switches?

Linear switches offer a smooth and consistent typing experience, making them ideal for gaming and typing tasks that require rapid key presses.

2. Are linear switches suitable for typing?

Yes, linear switches are suitable for typing, especially if you prefer a quiet and linear keystroke without any tactile feedback.

3. How do linear switches differ from tactile switches?

Linear switches provide a straight up-and-down keystroke without any tactile bump, while tactile switches offer a tactile bump to indicate key actuation.

4. Can I customize the actuation force of linear switches?

Some keyboard models allow you to customize the actuation force of linear switches through software settings or switch replacements.

5. Are linear switches durable?

Linear switches are known for their durability, with many models rated for millions of keystrokes before experiencing any performance issues.

6. Do linear switches require lubrication for optimal performance?

While lubrication can enhance the smoothness of linear switches, it is not necessary for their basic operation.

7. Which linear switch brand is the most reliable?

The reliability of linear switches can vary depending on the brand, but popular options like Cherry, Gateron, and Kailh are known for their quality and performance.


In conclusion, choosing the best linear switches for your mechanical keyboard is a personal preference based on your typing style and preferences. Whether you prioritize smooth keystrokes, quiet operation, or durability, there are various linear switch options available to cater to your needs. By considering factors such as actuation force, key travel distance, and noise level, you can find the perfect linear switches to enhance your typing or gaming experience. Explore the top linear switch brands mentioned in this article to elevate your keyboard performance with the best linear switches.

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