Is Watch Lost You Forever On KissKH

Is Watch Lost You Forever On KissKH? – Must Check It Out!

KissKH is an online website where you watch series from different countries. If you guys are interested in watching Chinese dramas, I am here with a very great suggestion Watch Lost You Forever.

It is a very interesting drama. It is a Chinese historical fantasy drama based on a novel by Tong Hua.

Yes, you can watch Lost You Forever on KissKH. Lost You Forever is the story of a princess of Haoling who was kidnapped by the Demon lord and lost her memory and identity. Princess also lost her love triangle with two powerful and rich men.

It is a Chinese drama that is based on fantasy. If you guys are interested in watching historical dramas and fantasies you must watch it.

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Plot Of Lost You Forever – Must Read It!

Lost You Forever story is taken from the novel by Tang Hao. It follows the journey of Xiao Yao. It is a very long and complex story that spans thousands of years and three different realms.

Plot Of Lost You Forever
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Basically, it is the story of the princess who was kidnapped and lost her identity and memory. She meets with three different men who totally change her life. These three men are Cang Xuan, the emperor of Chenrong, Tushan Jing, the Prince of Xiyan, etc.

She faces many troubles in finding out her identity. The story is based on 51 different chapters; every chapter has its own significance. It is in the form of an epilogue that opens up the final story and the love triangle of the princes.

Complete Review, Recap, And Ending Of 39 Episodes Of The Lost You Forever – Must Check It!

Episode #1: Recap and Ending!

Episode 1 introduces the main characters and the three kingdoms of Sheng Nong, Xuan Yuan, and Gao Xing. It also shows the war between Sheng Nong and Gao Xing, and the death of Xiao Yao’s mother, the Sheng Nong princess.

Episode #1
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This episode ends with the dialogue of the madam that she was pregnant after her husband took her medicine.  But he said that he was not ill, and ran away.

Episode #2: Recap And Ending!

After a busy day, Wen Xiaoliu helped the rabbit spirit deliver its babies and prepared to return to the clinic. But she bumped into A Nian. Surprised to hear A Nian complain about her smell, Wen Xiaoliu found it strange.

Cang Xuan looked at Wen Xiaoliu dressed as a man and clearly didn’t recognize her as his long-lost Xiao Yao. Over the years, Cang Xuan had to leave Xiyan due to the unkind treatment from his uncles and went to Haoling Kingdom as a hostage.

Where he met Princess A Nian. Now, under the pretense of investigating remnants of the Chenrong army, Cang Xuan came to Clearwater Town personally to search for Xiao Yao.

In the following days, under Wen Xiaoliu’s careful care, the man gradually recovered from his life-threatening injuries. Wen Xiaoliu teased him about taking a bath.

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Episode#3: Recap And Ending!

As the wooden door slowly opened, everyone finally saw his true appearance. With dark eyebrows and bright eyes, a straight nose, simple coarse clothes,  and a noble demeanor, Ma Zi and Chuan Zi feel ashamed and in awe. 

In the following days, Ye Seventeen’s condition improved significantly. Although he occasionally limps while walking. He never saw himself as a patient and took the initiative to help tidy up the house. 

He had an excellent memory and a keen intellect, much to Wen Xiaoliu’s delight. However, the butcher Gao Su demanded a hefty dowry, delaying Ma Zi and Chun Tao’s wedding. When Xiaoliu pondered and decided to go up the mountain to collect spiritual herbs and sell them for money. 

To prevent Old Mu and the others from worrying, she told Ye Seventeen not to tell them anything. Ye Seventeen personally applied medicine to Wen Xiaoliu and went back to the mountains early in the morning.

Finally, they returned with a full load, and Ma Zi’s wedding plans were settled, bringing joy to Old Mu and the others.

Under everyone’s arrangement, Ma Zi and the butcher Gao’s daughter Chun Tao had their engagement, and a lively wedding was held. Ma Zi was a product of war, an orphan who survived through hardship.

Episode #4: Recap And Ending!

Xiang Liu saw that Wen Xiaoliu was becoming more and more reckless and daring. He deliberately bit her neck to punish her and it indeed scared Wen Xiaoliu. Afterwards, Xiang Liu personally escorted Wen Xiaoliu back. Ye Xiaoqi was still waiting by the river.

When he saw the red mark on Wen Xiaoliu’s neck, he felt uneasy. Wen Xiaoliu was still upset about what happened today, so she decided to distance herself from Ye Xiaoqi.

Jin Yi also arrived at the agreed location and encountered Xiang Liu, who had transformed into the appearance of an insider.

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Episode #5: Recap And Ending!

Since he was far inferior to Xiang Liu in terms of power, he was quickly defeated. Jin Yi had already set up a formation with his men so that they could capture Xiang Liu when he was seriously injured. However, Xiang Liu broke free from the restraints and escaped. 

They saw several women from the brothel coming out of the liquor store, and one of them followed Chuanzi into an alley and kissed him passionately. The Old Man’s face turned and furious, and he left in anger.

Wen Xiaoliu teased Ye Xiaoyi a few times about this and was met with his clear and intense gaze, making her feel embarrassed.

Episode #6: Recap And Ending!

Although Wen Xiaoliu was worried about Sang Tian’er’s identity, seeing that Chuanzi sincerely treated her.  She deliberately acted to make Old Mu agree to the marriage. Old Mu advised Chuanzi to carefully consider the matter. But he couldn’t interfere too much.

When the time was right, Wen Xiaoliu reminded Old Mu to prepare money to redeem Sang Tian Er, as they couldn’t just break up the couple forcibly.

The brothel in Qingshui Town was an especially unique place, with many beautiful and talented women. It was also a hub for gathering and spreading information. So, Old Mu needed a large sum of money.

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Episode #7: Recap And Ending!

Cang Xuan, before leaving, still remembered to ask about Ye Shiqi but was brushed off by Wen Xiaoliu using excuses. Afterward, Wen Xiaoliu reminded Ye Shiqi to be cautious and vigilant as she sensed ill intentions from Cang Xuan.

While they were talking, Xiang Liu suddenly appeared to take Wen Xiaoliu away. Ye Shiqi intervened, and it seemed like a fight was about to break out. Ye Shiqi watched them depart, feeling lonely.

Xiang Liu was obviously in a bad mood but still curious about why Wen Xiaoliu’s spiritual power was so weak. Wen Xiaoliu admitted that she used to be ranked high among her peers.

But was later captured by a fox demon who forced her to take a medicine that weakened her spiritual power. She endured long-lasting pain and suffering and ended up like this.

Although Wen Xiaoliu pretended not to care, she actually held a lot of grievances. Whenever Xiang Liu raised his hand, she would instinctively flinch, indicating that she had often suffered abuse.

The current generation of the Tu Shan family had two legitimate sons, and twin brothers with the same parents. The second young master, Tu Shanjing, was resourceful and intelligent, becoming the dream husband of all the women in the clan.

He was engaged to the young lady of the Fengfeng family, but he fell seriously ill before the wedding and had to cancel it. He disappeared for many years, leaving the family business to the eldest young master, who was relatively unknown.

Episode #8: Recap And Ending!

Mr. Shi talked endlessly, and everyone chimed in, discussing the upcoming battle between the two Tu Shan brothers and who would eventually take control of the Qingqiu Tu Shan family. Wen Xiaoliu played with the remaining white fruit in her dish, visibly in a bad mood. 

Beside her, Ye Shiqi and Cang Xuan had different states of mind – one stiff and cautious, watching Wen Xiaoliu, and the other smiling playfully, occasionally teasing Ye Shiqi about his identity.

As an important general of the righteous army, Xiang Liu lived a simple and harsh life. Wen Xiaoliu couldn’t understand his true intentions.

Soldiers were meant to defend the country and its people. The next morning, she saw Xiang Liu training with the soldiers and felt a hint of admiration.

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Episode #9: Recap And Ending!

Xiang Liu vaguely guessed Cang Xuan’s identity, but it hadn’t been confirmed yet. Therefore, he worried that Cang Xuan’s protective instincts towards Wen Xiaoliu might harm her. He wanted her to return to the Chenrong military base with him. However, Wen Xiaoliu didn’t agree.

After Xiang Liu obtained the medicinal materials, he prepared to return to Qingshui Town with A Nian. During their journey, he playfully teased A Nian, scaring her into tears.

In haste, Cang Xuan arrived with his men to find the heavily injured Wen Xiaoliu. He immediately ordered her to be taken back for severe torture.

The executioner was called upon to inflict torment on Wen Xiaoliu. They smeared corpse oil on her hands and let corpse maggots gnaw at them. Before leaving, they blew out the oil lamp, plunging her into darkness to intensify the excruciating pain of her torture.

Instead, he took her to a mountain cave with a healing spring containing Ten Thousand Years.  Despite Xiang Liu’s own injuries, he still transferred his demonic power into Wen Xiaoliu’s body.

Episode #10: Recap And Ending!

Xiang Liu sat cross-legged on a piece of jade bed, his brows knitted with a gathering of hostility, as if it could collapse at any moment. However, when he treated Wen Xiaoliu’s injuries, he was extremely gentle and attentive. 

Episode #10
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When Wen Xiaoliu regained consciousness, she faintly heard the coldness and suppressed anger in Xiang Liu’s voice when he faced questioning. He immediately used the excuses he had prepared long ago, claiming that he had already guessed Boss Xuan’s identity.

Furthermore, Wen Xiaoliu also noticed Tu Shanjing’s and Xiang Liu’s intentions. Tu Shanjing deliberately provoked the century-old feud between Xiang Liu and Qiang Xuan. Using the opportunity to take her away.

On the other hand, Xiang Liu wanted her to confirm Boss Xuan’s identity and waited for the right time to eliminate him completely.

Xiang Liu had thought that Wen Xiaoliu was timid and weak, but now he was surprised by her intelligence. He couldn’t help but feel resentful at being toyed with by her.

Episode #11: Recap And Ending!

Wen Xiaoliu still hasn’t found a way to break the curse. She can only teach Cang Xuan some methods to identify poisons. He hopes he can be cautious and vigilant in such situations in the future.

They chatted freely, discussing everything. Cang Xuan reminisced about his master’s daughter, Xiao Yao, and felt guilty for not being able to protect her.

He hoped they could reunite soon. Hearing this, Wen Xiaoliu couldn’t help but shed tears, quickly lifting her cup to pretend to drink and hide her emotions.

In the following days, Wen Xiaoliu continued to visit Cang Xuan. Once, she forgot to bring money when buying pastries, and Tu Shanjing appeared and helped pay. Initially, Wen Xiaoliu didn’t want to accept the favor and tried to return the pastries to Tu Shanjing.

However, Cang Xuan invited them both to the shop for a few drinks and specifically asked Tu Shanjing to play chess with Wen Xiaoliu. Wen Xiaoliu insisted on joining the game but played in a carefree and mischievous manner.

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Episode #12: Recap And Ending!

Xiang Liu and Wen Xiaoliu had a heart-to-heart talk under the moonlight, cherishing the rare moment of peaceful companionship. However, such moments of joy in the world are always fleeting. After bidding farewell to Xiang Liu, Wen Xiaoliu returned alone to the clinic.

Meanwhile, Cang Xuan was injured by an arrow, and he suspected that last night’s assassination attempt was related to Fengfeng Yinying. So, he sent A Nian and others to find Wen Xiaoliu, as only she could make Tu Shanjing hand over the antidote.

In that case, they could seize the antidote from her. Wen Xiaoliu hurried to help Cang Xuan, and after examining the wound.  She confirmed that the arrow was likely smeared with ice crystal. She urgently washed the wound with Tanggu water.

Episode #13: Recap And Ending!

Cang Xuan returned to Wushen Mountain and met Princess Haoling. He narrated his encounter in Qingshui Town and Princess Haoling was curious about Wen Xiaoliu’s identity.

Princess Haoling ordered Cang Xuan to bring Wen Xiaoliu to the Haoling Kingdom, believing that she might be the child of an old friend. 

Although Wen Xiaoliu was feeling uneasy, she tried to politely refuse, but Cang Xuan would not take no for an answer. He gave her only two hours to pack her things and bid farewell to her loved ones, or else he would use force.

The next day, Tu Shanjing sensed that the inn was surrounded by Haoling’s army, and there were two extremely powerful gods among them.

With Tu Shanjing’s protection, Wen Xiaoliu escaped the inn, while Tu Shanjing confronted Cang Xuan and ended up severely injured. Cang Xuan threatened to take Tu Shanjing’s life to force Wen Xiaoliu to return to him.

Episode #14: Recap And Ending!

To protect Tu Shanjing, Wen Xiaoliu had no choice but to return and face the situation. Upon Cang Xuan’s command, two guards broke her legs and threw her into a prison cart. Tu Shanjing was unconscious, and Wen Xiaoliu endured the pain to feed him blood for healing.

Although she was already developing feelings for him, she knew that emotions could bring both sweetness and bitterness. Having experienced so much suffering in her life, she didn’t want to continue down that path.

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Episode #15: Recap And Ending!

When Tu Shanjing regained consciousness. He realised that Wen Xiaoliu had used her blood to heal him and understood the origin of the red mark on her neck.

He learned that Xiang Liu had sucked her blood for healing, and it was not what he had misunderstood. This revelation relieved Tu Shanjing’s heart, and he advised Wen Xiaoliu not to use such a method again.

Fortunately, Wen Xiaoliu persevered and managed to kill the nine-tailed fox when it was off-guard. Now, she cherished the opportunity to reunite with her father and brother. Cang Xuan was furious upon hearing the truth and told Princess Haoling the real situation.

Episode #16: Recap And Ending!

Wen Xiaoliu had already become accustomed to being carefree and was naturally unwilling to revert to her Princess identity and be constrained by it.

So she discussed it with King Haoling and decided to put this matter on hold. Later, Wen Xiaoliu shared with Tu Shanjing the reason for her changing appearance.

Tu Shanjing assured her that no matter how she looked, he would wholeheartedly love her. Tu Shanjing needed to return to handle family affairs.  So they agreed to meet again in fifteen years, and Wen Xiaoliu was willing to wait for him.

Episode #17: Recap And Ending!

Wen Xiaoliu brought A Nian back to the shore and saw her crouching in the bushes. He spoke gently and praised her for being brave.

On their way back to the inn, Wen Xiaoliu carried the unconscious Haitang on his back and instructed A Nian to follow closely so she wouldn’t get lost. He reassured her that the herbal scent on his body would repel snakes and insects.

Luckily, Haitang was fine. After hearing Wen Xiaoliu’s account of their encounter.  Ruxu agreed to intervene first to resolve the conflict with Fengyue. 

She didn’t want the situation to escalate and bring harm to them or Fengyue. When Xiaoliu deliberately kept A Nian away and warned Ruxu to be cautious of Fengyue, she might recognize Jianxuan’s identity.

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Episode #18: Recap And Ending!

Wen Xiaoliu watched the splendid fireworks tonight and saw the affectionate couples beneath them. The graceful and delicate charm unique to women struck her heart.

For hundreds of years, Wen Xiaoliu had transformed into various male forms, but now she longed to return to her female identity. She wanted to wear beautiful dresses like an ordinary woman but feared that her true appearance might disappoint her loved ones.

Cang Xuan comforted Wen Xiaoliu, telling her not to overthink and encouraging her to be confident. They prepared to pack up and set off for Yushan. The next morning, Chang Pu was ordered to take A Nian back to Haoling Kingdom.

Faced with A Nian’s persistent questioning, she could only evade or use delicious food to appease her. Shennong Xinyue came to deliver medicine to Tu Shanjing and happened to see him changing his clothes, exposing his scarred body.

She was frightened and quickly turned away. In fact, Tu Shanjing deliberately revealed his scars, hoping that Shennong Xinyue would realise they were not a good match. However, unknown to him, Shennong Xinyue had a secret relationship with Tu Shanjing.

Mr. Shi explained that the Haoling King had been low-key since his ascension, not fond of extravagance. But this time, he sent invitations to all the clans in the Great Wilderness, inviting them to the celebration of Princess Gaoxin Jiuyao’s return.

Episode #19: Recap And Ending!

During this period, Wen Xiaoliu was busy preparing poisons in her spare time. Occasionally reminiscing about the people and events in Qingshui Town.

She regretted that no one else was willing to be a test subject like Xiang Liu. The mirror showed Xiang Liu’s appearance, and Wen Xiaoliu was completely absorbed in watching.

Unaware of Haoling Wang Ji’s presence beside her, he noticed the man in the mirror. Haoling Wang Ji had thought his daughter would be interested in the little fox from Tu Tu Shanjing and decided to cancel his engagement.

The next day, Wen Xiaoliu came to the phoenix tree again and found that Cang Xuan had prepared a swing. Although familiar things had returned, the person who used to push her on the swing was no longer there.

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Episode #20: Recap And Ending!

She resented her grandfather’s coldness towards everyone, whether it was her grandmother or her mother. Cang Xuan might not fully understand her feelings yet, as he hadn’t taken up that position. 

Episode #20
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Afterward, Cang Xuan took Wen Xiaoliu to the Song and Dance Pavilion in Xiyan City. This pavilion was just an entertainment place for music and dance.

Cang Xuan asked Wen Xiaoliu to wait alone for a while, while he went to meet the spy Jin Xuan, to learn about the King of Xian’s deteriorating health.

Episode #21: Recap And Ending!

Wen Xiaoliu saw a man embracing a dancing girl and going upstairs. She carefully looked at the man, dressed in elegant attire with black hair and a smile on his face. When Wen Xiaoliu finally realised it, the man had already disappeared from the surroundings.

Tu Shanjing deeply understood that Wen Xiaoliu’s greatest wish was for peace in the world. In order to fulfil her wish, he personally persuaded Chishui Fenglong to form an alliance with Cang Xuan. However, Cang Xuan was weak and couldn’t compete with others.

Episode #22: Recap And Ending!

ghishui Fenglong was hesitant, but Tu Shanjing believed that helping others in their time of need was a noble act, and he was well aware of Chishui Fenglong’s ambitions. He knew he wouldn’t settle for just being a clan leader.

Xiyan Yueliang actively invited Cang Xuan to the Yue Liang Palace, but Wen Xiaoliu was worried that he might get hurt. She insisted on accompanying him to the banquet.

As expected, Cang Xuan was shunned by the others, but he encountered a skilled martial artist named Yu Jiang from the Haoling Kingdom. 

On the contrary, Wen Xiaoliu was surrounded by noble ladies, but she couldn’t connect with them due to her lack of knowledge of their topics.

Episode #23: Recap And Ending!

During this period, Wen Xiaoliu and Fengfeng Bei had frequent interactions due to Wen Xiaoliu teaching him archery. They felt a subtle closeness between them. In Wen Xiaoliu’s eyes, Fengfeng Bei was a very casual person. Completely different from Xiang Liu’s aloofness.

The two of them arrived at an underground betting place set up by the Lirong tribe. Since the ancestors of the Lirong clan were double-headed tengu, every guest had to wear a mask.

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Episode #24: Recap And Ending!

Tu Shanjing knew that Wen Xiaoliu’s greatest wish was to bring peace to the world. In order to fulfil her wish, he personally persuaded Chishui Fenglong to form an alliance with Cang Xuan.

However, Cang Xuan was in a weak position and couldn’t compete with others, so Chishui Fenglong hesitated. But Tu Shanjing believed that adding embellishments to an already beautiful picture was common, and offering timely help was rare. 

Besides, Tu Shanjing was well aware of Chishui Fenglong’s ambitions and aspirations; he would never be content with being just the head of a clan.

Xiyan Yueliang invited Cang Xuan, and the intentions were unclear. Wen Xiaoliu was worried that Cang Xuan might be harmed and insisted on accompanying him to Yueliang Mansion for the banquet.

Episode #25: Recap And Ending!

After Wen Xiaoliu slowly lifted the mask of the black-clothed person, she saw the familiar face and initially thought it was Xiang Liu. However, the person revealed a smile similar to Fengfeng Bei, which inevitably disappointed her.

Since Fengfeng Bei was weak from his injuries, Wen Xiaoliu kindly offered him medicine and asked about the cause of his injuries. Fengfeng Bei avoided answering, so Wen Xiaoliu had to let him hide in her own bed.

Xiyan Yipeng led a search of Qiang Xuan’s sleeping chamber and found him in disarray, leaning on the bed. He seemed to be in a trance, much like someone who had taken an excessive amount of the “Soul-Enchanting Elixir.”

After these people left, Qiang Xuan’s gaze became somewhat clearer. Realising that he was now no different from a drug addict, which left him feeling quite uneasy.

Episode #26: Recap And Ending!

When Qiang Xuan woke up, he saw Wen Xiaoliu by the bedside and couldn’t help but want to kiss her forehead. Suddenly, Wen Xiaoliu murmured to herself, reminding him of their sibling-like relationship.

Qiang Xuan then brought several boxes of wine for Wen Xiaoliu. Previously, Wen Xiaoliu didn’t dare to drink alcohol to take good care of Qiang Xuan. She could finally enjoy a hearty drink.

Episode #27: Recap And Ending!

Tu Shanjing didn’t want to wait any longer. He went directly to Fengfeng Yinying to discuss breaking off the engagement.

He assured her that he would minimise the damage and ensure that her reputation wouldn’t be greatly affected. Fengfeng Yinying found it hard to accept and left without answering.

Meanwhile, the waiter asked Xiang Liu to pay the bill, but even though he was posing as Fengfeng Bei, he still had no money. When Xiaoliu saw his embarrassment and paid the bill,  she asked the waiter to wait for a moment.

Xiang Liu insisted on paying, stood up in anger, and awkwardly suggested going to a nearby shop to sell jade pendants. Wen Xiaoliu suppressed her amusement and couldn’t help but laugh after Xiang Liu left.

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Episode #28: Recap And Ending!

Qiang Xuan couldn’t do it without the help of Chishui Fenglong. He asked Wen Xiaoliu to meet with Chishui Fenglong a few times to persuade her to consider accepting him.

In order to create an opportunity for Chishui Fenglong, Xingling Xie invited Wen Xiaoliu to the Chenrong Mansion. However, Chishui Fenglong directly presented Wen Xiaoliu with two baskets of small sweet melons.

She quickly took her brother aside and advised him to choose gifts that Wen Xiaoliu would like. Chishui Fenglong seemed to understand and nodded. Later, he gave Wen Xiaoliu a bottle of monkey wine, and the two started a drinking competition like good brothers.

 Xingling Xie was angry to see this and reminded her brother to find out what Wen Xiaoliu likes.

Episode #29: Recap And Ending!

Chishui Fenglong agreed and postponed his return to Chishui. Princess Haoling received a letter from Qiang Xuan, which made A Nian happy.

However, when she learned that Qiang Xuan and Xingling Xie were getting closer, she felt a bit sad. Princess Haoling advised A Nian to find another suitor. Nian agreed, and her father, the king, with the responsibility entrusted to Ruyu.

In the Song and Dance Courtyard, Xiang Liu met Tu Shanjing alone. He wanted Tu Shanjing to help transport a batch of goods to Qingshui Town and proposed using Wen Xiaoliu as part of the deal. Tu Shanjing was a businessman, and he agreed to what he could do.

However, he wouldn’t have agreed to use Wen Xiaoliu in the deal. Yet, considering that Xiang Liu had taught Wen Xiaoliu archery skills as Fengfeng Bei, he reluctantly agreed. Xiang Liu sighed and handed over the details to Tu Shanjing.

Episode #30: Recap And Ending!

This array is profound and unfathomable. Only the top experts in the wasteland could decipher it. Wen Xiaoliu was puzzled about who could have brought her to such a dire situation. 

Episode # 30
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Suddenly, she heard the roars of wild beasts around her. Two fierce monsters attacked Wen Xiaoliu, their sharp teeth gnawing at her, but she endured the pain and managed to kill them.

However, before Wen Xiaoliu could catch her breath, Mu Fei appeared from the front. It turned out that due to his family being killed by Chi Chen, he was determined to use Wen Xiaoliu’s life as a sacrifice to the deceased.

Wen Xiaoliu insisted that her father was only King Haoling, but Mu Fei refused to listen to any explanations. He threw several sharp blades into Wen Xiaoliu’s hands, feet, and body. Despite the excruciating pain, she didn’t scream or beg for mercy.

He claimed that he would wait for her to return. Afterward, Qiang Xuan secretly investigated the incident in the plum forest, learning that at least three powerful spiritual experts were present, leading him to believe this was a premeditated act of brutality.

Episode #31: Recap And Ending!

Qiang Xuan hurried back to their residence, gazing tenderly at the unconscious Wen Xiaoliu. He expressed that he had already sought vengeance and didn’t spare anyone who had harmed Wen Xiaoliu.

Although he knew that this course of action might undermine their previous efforts, and if Wen Xiaoliu were awake, she might try to stop him, Qiang Xuan no longer wanted to gauge the situation.

After saying these words, Qiang Xuan gently held Wen Xiaoliu’s hand, feeling that it was slightly cold. He then asked Lao Sang to replace Wen Xiaoliu’s bedding. Lao Sang couldn’t help but remind Qiang Xuan not to be deluded.

The person before his eyes was not the real Wen Xiaoliu but a puppet. It was this reminder from Lao Sang that made Qiang Xuan suddenly realise the truth, and a bitter smile appeared on his face.

Episode # 32: Recap And Ending!

Upon hearing that Tu Shanjing had been injured and came to visit, Qiang Xuan unexpectedly discovered Wen Xiaoliu by his side.

As he approached, he confirmed that the person before him was indeed Xiao Yao.  He was overcome with excitement and joy, causing his eyes to turn slightly red.

He softly called out Wen Xiaoliu’s name. Not long after, during a meal shared by Wen Xiaoliu, Qiang Xuan, and Chishui Fenglong.  She learned that she had been in a deep slumber for thirty-seven years.

Since Wen Xiaoliu had just returned, the three of them didn’t want to discuss overly heavy topics. They only picked some interesting stories from the past thirty-seven years to share with her.

 Chishui Fenglong was particularly enthusiastic about the fact that Yujiang had surprisingly been won over by him. With the approval of the Xiyan King, Chishui Fenglong severed ties with the Xihe Tribe and officially followed Qiang Xuan.

Episode #33: Recap And Ending!

Episode 33 of Lost You Forever is a central episode in the drama. It reveals the true identity of Xiao Yao as the daughter of Emperor Xuanyuan, and the reason why he hid her from the world.

It also shows the conflict between Qiang Xuan and Cang Xuan.  Who both love Xiao Yao, and the betrayal of Cang Xuan’s brother, Cang Yue.

Episode #34: Recap And Ending!

Episode 34 of Lost You Forever is the first episode of the third and final volume of the drama. It shows the aftermath of Xiao Yao’s identity reveal, and how she decides to leave Qiang Xuan and Cang Xuan to find her own happiness.

It also introduces a new character, Xiang Liu, who is a mysterious and powerful demon lord. 

Episode #35: Recap And Ending! 

Episode 35 of Lost You Forever is a romantic episode that focuses on the relationship between Xiao Yao and Xiang Liu.

It shows how they travel together to the East Sea, where Xiang Liu reveals his true identity as the Nine-tailed Fox Demon King. It also shows how they encounter a mermaid who helps them escape from their enemies. 

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Episode #36: Recap And Ending!

Episode 36 of Lost You Forever is a tragic episode that shows the death of Xiang Liu, who sacrifices himself to save Xiao Yao from the Emperor of Gao Xing. It also shows how Xiao Yao returns to Xuanyuan Kingdom, where she reunites with Qiang Xuan and Cang Xian.

Episode #37: Recap And Ending!

Episode 37 of Lost You Forever is a peaceful episode that shows how Xiao Yao lives a simple life in the Xuanyuan Kingdom, where she helps Qiang Xuan and Cang Xuan with their political affairs. It also shows how she meets a young boy named Feng Long, who reminds her of Xiang Liu.

Episode #38: Recap And Ending!

Episode 38 of Lost You Forever is a surprising episode that shows how Xiao Yao discovers that Feng Long is actually Xiang Liu’s reincarnation and that he has regained his memories of his past life. 

It also shows how they escape from Xuanyuan Kingdom, where Qiang Xuan and Cang Xuan try to stop them.

Episode #39: Recap And Ending!

Episode 39 of Lost You Forever is the final episode of the drama. It shows how Xiao Yao and Xiang Liu return to the East Sea, where they live happily together. It also shows how Qiang Xuan and Cang Xuan accept their fate and move.

Episode # 39
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Character list of the Lost You Forever – Must Read This It Will Be Very Helpful!

  • Xiao Yao
  • Chang Xuan
  • Tu Chanjing
  • Chi Shui Feng Long
  • Xiang Liu
  • A Nian
  • Fangfeng Yiying
  • Tu Shahou
  • Haoling king 
  • Lao Mu 
  • Ma Zi
  • Hao Shou 
  • Lao song

From Where You Watch Full Series – Must Check It!

Lost You Forever is a  Chinese drama series that is based on a classical novel by Tong Hua. You can watch the full series online at these two websites

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many episodes of Lost You Forever have?

Lost You Forever Season 1 has 39 episodes. Season 2 is under review; it may be considered in the next remaining chapters of the novel. Only 39 episodes are aired.

2. Who was the criminal in Lost You Forever?

The abusive father is the criminal in the whole series. He has a very aggressive personality. He is very rude towards the princess.

End of words:

If you guys are crazy to watch series from different countries, you must watch the Chinese series Lost You Forever. It is based on an ancient historical story.

Yes, you can watch the complete Series of Lost You Forever on KissKH. It is the story of a Princess who is kidnapped by the Demon Lord.

During her kidnapping, she lost her memory and identity. She faces many difficulties and troubles in finding out her identity. She also lost her love triangle. 

You guys don’t worry if you do not find the series on KissKH due to some trouble. You can watch it on,, and

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