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Hayat Kamille – Illuminating The Path To Radiant Living!

In the second season of Vikings: Valhalla, a new character named Mariam, portrayed by Hayat Kamille, enters the scene as an astronomer who connects with Leif Erikson.

Hayat Kamille is a luminary in holistic living, weaving together science and spirituality to guide individuals toward a vibrant and fulfilling existence.

This article is not just a collection of words; it’s a personalized journey through holistic living curated by experts. Read more….

Leif And Harald’s Journey To Constantinople – Let’s See!

1. Assistance from Yaroslav the Wise:

Harald and Leif initially turn to Harald’s uncle, Yaroslav the Wise, seeking his support in forming a formidable army to reclaim the Norwegian throne. 

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The plan is to gather military strength to confront the current ruler, Olaf. However, their hopes are dashed when Yaroslav refuses to assist, prompting Harald to devise an alternative strategy.

2. A Shift in Plans:

Faced with the setback from Yaroslav, Harald devises a new plan to finance their military ambitions. The decision is made to travel to Constantinople, a renowned trading hub. 

The goal is to sell furs and utilize the proceeds to assemble the necessary army for their cause. This shift in strategy sets the stage for a journey that introduces them to new characters, including the intriguing Mariam.

3. An Astronomer with a Unique Skill Set:

During their journey to Constantinople, Leif and Harald encounter Mariam, an astronomer with distinctive skills. 

Her expertise in astronomy becomes a valuable asset to the crew. Mariam’s inclusion adds an extra layer to the narrative as she brings a unique perspective to their challenges, intertwining science with the broader themes of the Vikings: Valhalla storyline.

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4. Bonds Formed on the Journey:

As the trio, Leif, Harald, and Mariam, embark on their voyage to Constantinople, the journey’s challenges forge strong bonds among them.

Mariam’s presence not only contributes to the practical aspects of their mission but also brings an intellectual and emotional dimension to the group dynamics. 

5. A Hub of Opportunities and Obstacles:

Upon reaching Constantinople, the city unfolds as a crucial setting, offering opportunities and obstacles for Leif, Harald, and Mariam. 

A Hub of Opportunities and Obstacles
source: barleybooks

The dynamics of their interactions and the challenges presented by the city’s political and cultural landscape further shape the narrative. 

The journey to Constantinople becomes a pivotal chapter in Vikings: Valhalla, showcasing the characters’ resilience and adaptability in facing adversity.

Mariam’s Historical Inspiration – Let’s Explore!

1. Mariam al-Asṭurlābiyya:

  • Real-Life Persona: Mariam al-Asṭurlābiyya, also known as Al-ʻIjliyyah, was the historical inspiration for Mariam in Vikings: Valhalla.
  • Time and Place: Mariam lived in the 10th century in Aleppo, present-day northern Syria. This historical context adds authenticity to the character’s background.
  • Expertise in Astrolabes: Mariam al-Asṭurlābiyya gained renown for her proficiency in crafting astrolabes. Astrolabes, ancient astronomical instruments, were crucial in various astronomical calculations during that era.
  • Functionality of Astrolabes: Astrolabes were versatile instruments, allowing astronomers to measure celestial bodies’ altitudes, identify stars and planets, and perform astronomical calculations. Mariam’s craft contributed significantly to the scientific advancements of her time.

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2. Mariam’s Historical Inspiration:

  • Craftsmanship Recognition: Mariam’s skill in crafting astrolabes earned her recognition, particularly in the court of the first Emir of Aleppo, Sayf al-Dawla. Her precision in creating these instruments showcased her mastery in a field that required complex mathematical calculations.
  • Legacy in Naming: In acknowledgment of her contributions, the main-belt asteroid 7060 Al-ʻIjliya was named after Mariam al-Asṭurlābiyya in 1990, highlighting the lasting impact of her work on the field of astronomy.
  • Literary and Popular References: Mariam’s legacy extended beyond her time, as she inspired a character in the 2015 book Binti. Moreover, in 2018, she received recognition as an extraordinary woman from the Islamic Golden Age by 1001 Inventions.
  • Enigmatic Figure: Despite her historical significance, Mariam al-Asṭurlābiyya remains somewhat mysterious, with limited information about her life. This adds an element of mystery to the actual historical figure and the fictional representation in Vikings: Valhalla.

3. Mariam’s Life and Achievements:

Mariam's Life and Achievements
source: imdb
  • Parental Lineage: Mariam was the daughter of al-ʻIjliyy, who was already an accomplished astrolabe maker. This familial connection suggests a legacy in the field of astronomical instrument craftsmanship.
  • Apprenticeship under Nasṭūlus: Both Mariam and her father served as apprentices to Nasṭūlus, a distinguished astronomer of their time. This apprenticeship under a renowned figure in the field likely played a crucial role in shaping Mariam’s skills and knowledge.
  • Contributions to Astronomy: Mariam’s craftsmanship went beyond mere technical proficiency; her work contributed significantly to astronomy. Crafting astrolabes, an intricate and vital tool for astronomers, showcased her dedication to advancing scientific knowledge during the 10th century.
  • Asteroid Naming in 1990: In a remarkable acknowledgment of Mariam’s contributions, an asteroid discovered in 1990 was named 7060 Al-ʻIjliya after her. This naming is a lasting tribute to her impact on the field of astronomy.

Valhalla’s Depiction Of Mariam – Let’s Check It Out!

In the show, Vikings Valhalla, Mariam, and Leif meet when they visit Novgorod. Mariam is introduced as an intelligent astronomer who is interested in meteors. 

The series adds a special touch to Mariam’s character by showing her saving Leif during a dangerous situation. Even though there are a few changes from the historical story, the series stays true to Mariam’s roots as an astronomer. 

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This means that, like in real life, Mariam in the show is portrayed as someone with a deep knowledge of the stars and the sky.

Valhalla’s Mariam & the Real Mariam al-Asṭurlābiyya – Check it!

AspectReal Mariam al-AsṭurlābiyyaVikings: Valhalla’s Mariam
BackgroundBorn into a family of astrolabe makersMysterious background, family not explored
MentorshipApprenticeship under Nasṭūlus, a renowned astronomerAbsence of details regarding mentorship
Character DevelopmentLimited historical informationThe Series emphasises Mariam’s mysterious background and interactions with Leif


1. What is the foundation of Hayat Kamille’s holistic approach?

Hayat Kamille’s holistic approach integrates scientific principles and spiritual wisdom, creating a comprehensive guide to well-being.

2. How does Hayat Kamille incorporate mindfulness into daily living?

Mindfulness is seamlessly woven into Hayat Kamille’s teachings, offering practical insights and exercises to integrate mindfulness into everyday life.

3. Can individuals of all ages apply Hayat Kamille’s principles?

Absolutely! Hayat Kamille’s teachings are universal, adaptable, and beneficial for individuals of all ages seeking holistic well-being.


Valhalla’s character Mariam, portrayed by Hayat Kamille, draws inspiration from the historical figure Mariam al-Asṭurlābiyya, a proficient astronomer hailing from Aleppo. 

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